1 hour speed scrap


On Monday, Natasha Connolly (one of the wonderful Crop Circles ladies) issued a challenge. It was called Monday March Madness. We were given 1 hour to do a complete layout and 20 minutes to take a pic and upload it. No prep work could be completed. I usually avoid these challenges because it takes me 2+ hours to complete a layout but this time I was ready for the excitement. The challenge started at 9 pm NL time. At 8:45 I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I don’t know if it was from the excitement or my nervousness about actually being able to do this. I got it done in about 55 minutes and here is the end result. Ironically I think it was some of my best work. I used the Winterland collection by Fancy Pants. I love the understated colors of this line. The snowflakes and swirls were so nice I felt bad about covering them up so I fussy cut the base paper and fit the top one into where I had cut. It contained an adorable mitten border that I just had to use so I fussy cut this too.

When I was finished the challenge, there were “things” all over the place in my craft room {including spellbinder dies on the floor, OMG!}. I am usually a very neat person so I found this really funny. I think in the future I need to put a time limit on myself and let things get a little messy in my room.


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