Same but Different for March

I really like the layouts I complete that remind me of really important moments in life.  This “Night Before Christmas” book was read to me by my mom before bed on Christmas eve and I in turn have read it to both my girls and now my grandbaby.  It’s layouts like this that really excite me when I am scrapbooking as I am creating a permanent memory of something that was very important to me.  The price on the book is .49 cents so it is very old and treasured.


I entered the Same but Different challenge that is hosted by some of the ladies at Crop Circles.  March month was hosted by Rhea.  I love when she hosts it because she is very artistic and you never know what will be in that envelope.  I usually struggle with these challenges because I never know what to do with the items I am sent.  This time I decided to make the items fit the layout instead of making the layout fit the items.  We were given a piece of cream lace, a journalling tag and a piece of burgandy paper.  I inked the paper with black ink and used it for the punched frame around the pics, I used the lace to tie inside the button and I punched the tag with 1 3/4 circle punch and used it inside the clock.

2 thoughts on “Same but Different for March

  1. I like this layout Rexene. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s about preserving the memories and that the beautiful scrappy supplies are just icing on the cake. I also like how you made your SBD items fit your page. Awesome!!

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