A gift for a special lady

My little granddaughter has been going to this wonderful lady for childcare since January.  Her name is Theresa (or Teesa, as Isabella says).  Today is her last day.  My daughter is off work for the summer and getting ready to attend school this fall.  We felt a little sad today.  Isabella has become part of their family and I know she will be missed but when my daughter goes back to school in the fall, she will go back to “Teesa’s” again.

We wanted a gift that Isabella could make herself but also something she could display in her home.  Here is the gift that Isabella made.




I painted over the frame and the back where her hand print is with Modge Podge so it will last a long time.



This is the gift I made for her.  I took this picture early in the spring and the lady fell “head over heels” in love with it so I thought this would be a lovely gift.

Cheers and have a safe and happy Victoria Day weekend.




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