A few tears and a nice layout

Thoughts of this layout have been swirling in my head for the last 2 weeks or so.  The last few days, those thoughts have been stronger and pushing me to my scrap room to do a layout of my wonderful mother.  Growing up, I was quite a brat…as are alot of us.  I pushed the limit of every rule that was set for me.  I’ve always felt kind of ashamed of what I put my mom through.  Yes my mom, because my dad was a fisherman and worked ungodly hours to feed us, so she sheltered my dad from the worst of it.  This was my time to think about all the things that I admired her for and alas, now it’s too late to tell her in person.  But who knows, maybe she knows anyway!  After a few tears, this is what I came up with.  I know she would love it!


Have a great evening and I’m off to scrapbook happier times.

Cheers & have a great evening!



6 thoughts on “A few tears and a nice layout

    • Thanks Kelly, I find doing some of these layouts so therapeutic but at the same time they unearth painful memories. We have to face life head on though and I know mom would love my scrapbooking because she always loved the stuff I made and gave to her. Now to tackle one about my dad!

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