Busy making cards

Hello all,

I think I am going through a transition in my crafting.  It seems like my desire to create layouts has dimmed but in it’s place I am left with a crazy burning desire to make cards…ALL THE TIME.  It comes at a wonderful time because my stash of cards has gotten dangerously low.  I have bought some wonderful inks and paper from Stampin Up and I thank the lovely Cathy Caines for all her very valuable advice.  She is a card making / layout creating deva!!!!!  Check out her blog @ http://cathycaines.blogspot.ca/ and see for yourself.

Anyhow, here’s some of the cards I have been creating.

ImageThis is a card for my daughter’s teacher.

ImageHere’s a card for a very special math tutor.  This lady gave her time, free of charge, and tutored the kids every week!  Not an easy feat in my opinion as I am sure the Junior High teachers are quite tired and stressed out after a long days work and to stay in school on your own time…..BRAVO!!!!

ImageI made this card from my new Stampin Up ink and the Aviary stamp set.  This is my all time favorite stamp set.

ImageI had this little girl stamp for quite some time.  This is the first time I’ve used it and I loved coloring it.  Huuum, hopefully it hasn’t created an addiction to these kinds of stamps cause I feel like I “just have” to get more!

Thats all for now peeps.  Have a great day and be good to one another!





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