Inspired by a picture

I recently had my first “Cooking show” with my granddaughter.  This is a tradition that we have done since my oldest daughter was little.  We set everything up and narrate the cooking as if it were a TV show.  The kids always loved this and Isabella was no different.  As you can see by the picture, her favorite part of the show was getting to lick the beater afterwards!



I was so excited to get this Graphic 45 French Country paper.  I knew it would be the perfect match for this picture!  


I fussy cut the flowers from the paper and added sunflowers I had in my stash.  A bit of distressing and they were perfect!


A scrappy friend of mine saw these baking chipboard pieces in a store and sent them to me.  I wanted to give the oven mitt a quilted look so I attached the paper and drew dashed lines on it.  I loved the layout when I got it done and especially those pictures of my adorable little “cook”.




3 thoughts on “Inspired by a picture

  1. This is my fav Lo by you!!!! Those photos were so awesome and I am so jealous ! I wish we took photos like this when my kids were small…everything was sooo far away back then…and usually with a crappy little point and shoot ! lol I’m so glad you could use those chippies…I thought of those photos immediately when I saw them!

    • Michelle, after I got it done I stood back and muttered to myself “I can’t believe I did that”. I too feel this is my best work ever. I didn’t even put it in Isabella’s scrapbook. I hung it on the wall so I can see what I am truly capable of when I really try. Thanks for the comment on the pictures, you’ll get your chance when you are blessed with grandchildren someday. For some reason I see something wonderful in the lens when the camera is pointed at Isabella. I guess I’m looking at my heart!!!!

      p.s. thanks again for the chippies, they were part of my vision for the layout.

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