Quite an honor.


In the last year I have developed quite a love affair all things Graphic 45.  There’s something about their products that bring me back to a time when I was younger.  It’s like a warm feeling in my heart or the smell of homemade bread after a long day in school!  I have sat at my scrapbooking desk for hours and fingered through the paper kits, remembering when life was so much simpler.  The French Country line reminded me of my mom and all the baking that she did when I was little.  Oh how I wish I could sit up to the counter on a Saturday evening and watch her hands so lovingly make deserts for the family.  Licking the beaters was always such a treat for me and my brother and sister.  My children have always loved to play “baking shows” with us and now that I have a little granddaughter, I see her smiling face sat up to the kitchen counter, looking at me and saying “I want to go baking Nanny”.  Watching her lick those beaters causes such a pain in my heart and instantly I get flashbacks of me with my own dear mom.

This week one of the ladies of Crop Circles made me aware that my layout of Isabella and the French Country line had been featured on their website.  I was ecstatic to say the very least.  Here’s the link, take a look and see all the amazing products and creations they have featured.



3 thoughts on “Quite an honor.

  1. Thanks for making me bawl at work. Congrats on being featured, cause it’s a wonderful pat on the back. I love looking at your work – it’s changed so much since you caught the scrapping bug. This is a wonderful memory and I felt it with you as I was reading 🙂

    • Thanks Corina…..creating memories is what scrapbooking is all about to me. I don’t really care about all the bells and whistles (you know that hey?) but the feeling that I get when I reminisce over the pictures is so awesome and I am instantly transported to that moment in time!

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