Project Life galore

I am still trudging along with my PL although I am just starting July 2014 now.  I’m sure I’ll get it done (sometime or other)!

10931556_10155253860530495_1052408107893763147_n 10603800_10155253878815495_5815164751087885921_n 10421218_10155341892750495_2762380218674102526_n 10968351_10155341892565495_4144801883429690268_n 10933951_10155248436835495_4135241151404014564_n 10931229_10155248435425495_407921034080093920_n

I’ve been using the SS Snap Photo Flips and I love them.  I am an avid photographer and I have tons and tons of pics and now I can use more.  Also having to “flip” the pictures to see what’s underneath adds more interest to the layouts.

Have a great day!



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