Reward for my 24 week freeze

Last year in June I decided that starting July 1st I would start a “freeze” from buying scrapbooking stuff and I would continue until December.  The only things I could buy were adhesive and ink for my Selphy.  Every week of freeze I would give myself a $10 reward for my “freeze” fund.  I had been buying a ton of stuff and not using much of it.  Kind of felt it had become an addition (all my scrappy friends know what I’m taking about right?).    My family didn’t think it was possible so I made a bet with them…if I broke the freeze, I would have to use the money in my fund to take the family out to dinner.  This was just the motivation I needed because I hate being told I can’t do something haha.  Well I did it!!!!  I received my rewards yesterday and was I ever excited.  I can’t wait to start using all my new stuff and as an added note……I will never go back to buying scrap booking stuff “just because”.  From now on I am sticking to the $10 weekly budget and saving up the money to buy stuff!

Here’s a picture of all my new play toys!

Happy Scrapping!!!!!10407267_10155404238005495_1446322423113247377_n


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