Stormy day in Central Newfoundland

So far this winter, we’ve been spared alot of snow and I’ve just been able to go out and shovel it as I really enjoy the solitude and time to just think.  The snowblower’s been sitting patiently in the shed waiting for old man winter to rear his head. Well….Monday evening he arrived with a vengeance.  It snowed nonstop from about 3 pm on Monday until about 10 am Tuesday and boy did we get a storm.  I had to wake up Mr. Snowblower who was feeling quite lonely and thought I had forgotten him.  The snow drifts in our driveway were so high, I had to shovel a path to get to the front of the house or risk going to my waist in snow and I’m not a short person so the snow was quite high.  I went out at 10:30 am and when I looked there was my darling daughter coming with her shovel.  How cool is that???? She came out on her own…that’s right, I didn’t have to MAKE a 14 year old, who’d just found out she got a storm day off school, come out and help her poor mamma haha)!  After 3 hours we both dragged ourselves back in the house but we had a very clean driveway and Mr. Snowblower was put gently back in the shed with vision in his head of a job well done and dreaming of the next storm!  See the picture in the top left hand corner….well that’s our puppy, Tuukka,  who sits in the window and watches all the goings on outside.  Love that puppy we do!


I decided to do a 6 x 12 layout to commemorate the fun me and Briana had cleaning up the snow!

Cheers scrappy friends!  Hope you have the warmest of days (haha)



4 thoughts on “Stormy day in Central Newfoundland

  1. What a great layout! I love the 6×12 size, and love your post! I’m a fellow Canadian, currently in Alberta, but originally from the Maritimes (Nova Scotia), and I’ve spent many hours shovelling snow myself. I hope Spring is around the corner for you now! Sounds like you have a pretty amazing daughter there too! Thanks so much for joining us at Bimini Moose this week, and I look forward to seeing more!

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