Doggies, Doggies and more doggies

Saturday past was a pretty stormy day here in Central Newfoundland and we were trying to think of something to do.  Isabella LOVES to bake and there’s always banana bread or brownies in the house.  Saturday we decided to make treats for our doggies. First we cut up sweet potatoes and made dehydrated cinnamon chips and then we made biscuits.  I wanted to use all the pumpkin so nothing was wasted so we ended up with a ton of biscuits.  Isabella suggested sharing them with the neighborhood doggies!  All the “boys” were quite excited to receive their treats and their owners were pretty touched that Isabella thought of them.


I’m loving the 6 x 12 pages, especially when I don’t have alot of pictures to document.

Cheers scrappy friends & have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Doggies, Doggies and more doggies

  1. Lovin’ the 6×12 pages! You’ve decorated the pictures so sweetly – and I love your journalling cards! I bet all the puppies were very happy! Thanks so much for joining us at Bimini Moose this week!

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