A night of reminiscing

You know how some memories are so cherished that you just have to scrap them and journal the wonderful feeling that you get just thinking of times gone past.  This is one of mine.  This layout documents a wonderful day we shared with our youngest daughter at our favorite salmon fishing spot just down the road from our cabin.  This is a sport that she loves to share with her dad and to see the two of them by the side of the brook warms my heart.  I just want to capture the moments and store them away to be remembered again and again.  The journalling on this one says it all!

ImageGood night peeps.  Cherish every second that you have with your loved ones and remember to store those memories in a sacred place in your heart.




Busy making cards

Hello all,

I think I am going through a transition in my crafting.  It seems like my desire to create layouts has dimmed but in it’s place I am left with a crazy burning desire to make cards…ALL THE TIME.  It comes at a wonderful time because my stash of cards has gotten dangerously low.  I have bought some wonderful inks and paper from Stampin Up and I thank the lovely Cathy Caines for all her very valuable advice.  She is a card making / layout creating deva!!!!!  Check out her blog @ http://cathycaines.blogspot.ca/ and see for yourself.

Anyhow, here’s some of the cards I have been creating.

ImageThis is a card for my daughter’s teacher.

ImageHere’s a card for a very special math tutor.  This lady gave her time, free of charge, and tutored the kids every week!  Not an easy feat in my opinion as I am sure the Junior High teachers are quite tired and stressed out after a long days work and to stay in school on your own time…..BRAVO!!!!

ImageI made this card from my new Stampin Up ink and the Aviary stamp set.  This is my all time favorite stamp set.

ImageI had this little girl stamp for quite some time.  This is the first time I’ve used it and I loved coloring it.  Huuum, hopefully it hasn’t created an addiction to these kinds of stamps cause I feel like I “just have” to get more!

Thats all for now peeps.  Have a great day and be good to one another!




My 2 girlies

There’s 9 years in the difference between my 2 girls.  You wouldn’t say that now because my 13 year old is bigger than her 22 year old sister.  I always loved to visit the next door neighbor’s amazing yard to have little photo shoots of my girls.  The youngest wasn’t too fond of having her picture taken {that hasn’t changed much} but the oldest loved it.  I have discovered that I really enjoy using distressed cardboard box in my layouts.  Who would have known.



It certainly was a scrappy day for me and through the heartache and tears I think I’ve had a great day!

Cheers and have a great evening!

A few tears and a nice layout

Thoughts of this layout have been swirling in my head for the last 2 weeks or so.  The last few days, those thoughts have been stronger and pushing me to my scrap room to do a layout of my wonderful mother.  Growing up, I was quite a brat…as are alot of us.  I pushed the limit of every rule that was set for me.  I’ve always felt kind of ashamed of what I put my mom through.  Yes my mom, because my dad was a fisherman and worked ungodly hours to feed us, so she sheltered my dad from the worst of it.  This was my time to think about all the things that I admired her for and alas, now it’s too late to tell her in person.  But who knows, maybe she knows anyway!  After a few tears, this is what I came up with.  I know she would love it!


Have a great evening and I’m off to scrapbook happier times.

Cheers & have a great evening!


I just can’t get enough!

Ok I guess you’re wondering just what the heck that title means!  Now get your minds out of the gutter, it’s Graphic 45 Secret Garden haha!  This is the 3rd layout I have made from this kit and I am hoping that I have enough to do one more although it is getting scarce.



I am totally in love with this paper.  It’s so reminiscent of days gone by….huuum, maybe that’s why I love it so much cause I’m not getting any younger haha.

Cheers peeps and have a great night!


Graphic 45 and Isabella

I bought this amazing kit from Michelle Marks.  It’s Graphic 45, Secret Garden and I love, love, love it!!!!  Have to admit something on this one…I went into my granddaughter’s closet and picked out clothes that I knew would match the paper….sick I know haha.


I learned alot at the scrapbooking retreat last weekend and I’ve been trying to use some of my new found knowledge.  I used stickles on this one (first time using it) and I fussy cut some of the pictures from the amazing paper and coated it with crackle accents.

Hope you enjoy having a look and cheers!


Birthday card scraplift

I’ve been quite busy in my craft room today.  My youngest is studying for final exams and I am holed up in my room so she can have a quiet house.  First of all I made a birthday card.  My stash of cards has gotten quite low so it is time to replenish.


I have to admit, I kinda scraplifted this one from the blog of my scrappy friend Cathy Caines.  She makes the most amazing cards, scrapbooking layouts….oh whose kidding, she makes the most amazing EVERYTHING!!!!

Check out her blog and see for yourself!